• $836.00

eGauge is an energy monitoring device often used for measuring solar generation or power consumption. The eGauge lets you view electricity flow remotely as it can be accessed over the web. 

eGauge EG3000-016 Specs:

Up to 12 Circuits on 3-phases (120V−480V, 50−60Hz).

1% Accurate (Compliant to ANSI C12.1)

Solid State Memory Records:

  • 1 second granularity for 10 minutes
  • 1 minute average for 1 year
  • 15 minute average for 30 years

Data can be viewed on a remote device through the built-in web-server. The display is updated every second, giving immediate data on any load or generation changes. It records the most recent 30 years of data in the built-in solid-state memory.

Web connection - ethernet required (another model is available which uses ethernet over power)

This unit requires specific CTs to function. 

The measurements can be accessed via BACnet or can be pushed to a server via an xml API. 

Call us on 02 9534 8465 for advice on the ideal set up and info about CTs etc.